Why you should opt for Used Span Track

The benefits of a good span track system in the warehouse cannot be overlooked. If you are operating a warehouse that does not have a good racking system, you can opt for used span track and customize them for your warehouse. It is all about going for efficiency and at the same time increasing productivity. The good news is that the primary cost of installation is little. The same case applies to the maintenance cost and this is a clear indication that you can reap myriad benefits in years as you use the same system in your warehouse. It is the ideal way to improve the picking and flow of heavy boxes in the warehouse without incurring alto of costs.
Here is a look at more advantages of used span track for warehouses;

  • • Without a doubt, stock rotation can be daunting task if the necessary machinery is not used. The use of span track makes it easy to pick boxes and facilitates easy stock rotation.
  • • There are no tools needed for installation. This clearly indicates that the exercises can even be done by one worker.
  • • One is able to save up to 75% in installation in comparison to the other available systems such as the traditional carton flow rack systems.
  • • It is equally easy to add it to an already installed pallet rack system.
  • • The fact that the rack is made of strong steel construction makes it not only durable, but also strong. As such, the system is able to endure all the rigors associated with warehouses.
  • • Another reason why you should opt for used span track is because of efficiency. For instance, the travel time between picks will be reduced completely. This means a lot of work can be accomplished within a very short time.With a used span track that is well developed, there is no doubt that the running of a warehouse will become easy. It is a good opportunity to not only make use of space, but also make the working environment to be safe. The end result means that productivity will be higher, thus resulting into better business. Needless to say, used span tracks are cheap and and readily available. As long as you identify a good source, you can get quality ones that will make carton flow in your warehouse to be easier. The system can handle bigger crates as well as larger or heavier cartons.